Chris Berendsen

In 2022, I completed 25 years of living and working in the Arabian Peninsula, where I spent 20 years as a nurse and manager before transitioning to roles as a project leader and consultant. Despite my extensive experience in the region, my heart has been moved by the dire situation in Yemen, a country plagued by conflict and tremendous need.

With the help of a friend, I established a trading business that has given me the opportunity to witness firsthand the hopelessness that grips the country. However, I am determined to bring some measure of goodness and hope to the Yemeni people while continuing my consultancy work.

Currently, our focus is on exporting incense products, honey, and coffee, all of which have a rich history in Yemen. We are also promoting alternative cooking styles that are less reliant on cooking gas, which can be a scarce and expensive commodity.

In addition to our efforts in Yemen, I am continuing to provide consultancy services in Lebanon, Egypt, and the Gulf Cooperation Countries. If you are interested in learning more about my work or would like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to reach out

Over the past few months, we've been actively engaged in expanding our business ventures. Here's a brief overview:

1. **Local Honey and Silver Rings**
We’ve embarked on a trial basis, exporting the finest honey and approximately 200 exquisite silver rings crafted by our own skilled silversmiths in Yemen’s Sabwa region. These rings feature special gemstones and are now available in the Netherlands, delighting the local population.

2. **Bakhour Incense**
We’ve initiated successful collaborations with local households in the production of the renowned Bakhour incense. Approximately 30 kg of this special incense has been sold, providing much-needed income to families in need, while customers in the Netherlands have relished its unique aroma.

3. **Yemeni Tea and Spices**
In June, we arranged the shipment of 1000 kg of Yemeni tea and spices from Dubai to the Netherlands, introducing a taste of Yemen’s flavors to a wider audience.

4. **Food and Non-Food Items**
In September, we procured 10 pallets of both food and non-food items in Yemen, with plans for export in October, reinforcing our commitment to international trade.

These developments illustrate the growing scope of activities undertaken by APD-trading, operating under the name “Apeldoorn” in Yemen,” reflecting our strong connection with the Dutch city.

If these products have piqued your interest, you can explore our partner’s webshop at for more details and the opportunity to purchase these exceptional offerings.

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